What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Your due date is fast approaching. You're getting your nursery together. You're washing all the baby clothes and putting them away. You're setting up the stroller. You're installing your car seat. But are you also packing your hospital bag? 

The hospital will provide you with the essentials for you and baby (and take FULL advantage of that.. No supplies left behind.)

Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Labor & Delivery Gown - unless pea green and worn 1,972 times for other deliveries is your thing, I'd recommend bringing your own gown. If you plan to breastfeed, unsnapping 2 buttons is a heck of a lot easier than unsnapping 8+(?).. am I right?! Here are a few good ones: Kindred Bravely and Baby Be Mine Maternity
  2. Robe - to match the above of course! It gets chilly. If you haven't heard of Posh Peanut's robes, you're welcome. Plus you can get baby a matching set too.
  3. Slippers - I bought some really pretty sequin ones for my first born from Anthropologie... HA! Either bring a cheap pair to toss or a washable pair. 
  4. Shower Shoes - when you're finally feeling up for a shower, you'll definitely want these. 
  5. Toiletries - whatever makes you feel good. 
  6. Pillow - meh.. some will say bring your favorite pillow... all I can think about are GERMS. 
  7. Extra Long Iphone Cord - because let's be honest, you'll need your phone at hand for tons of pics, texting and online shopping when you can't sleep. Just make sure to bring a long one because the outlet isn't always nearby.  

Also don't forget to pack it all in a hard shell suitcase so you can Lysol the heck out of it. Or a washable bag... sensing a trend here? 

Some will say don't forget your birth plan. NONE of my births have gone to plan so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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